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Starting a business: Why franchise?

In business for yourself, not by yourself

Franchises provide business ownership opportunities that don't require building every aspect of the business from scratch. From established operational tools and procedures, to proven marketing strategies and brand recognition, franchises offer the new owner a turn-key solution and a fast track to profitability.

Not the inventive type?

We're not all inventors, but if you're self-motivated, self-aware, and willing to follow a proven system, your business can be up and running in just a few months.

No experience necessary!

From coffee shops to home health care, franchise opportunities are vast, and you are partnering with experts who have a proven model. Franchises typically provide initial training and ongoing support for you and your staff.

Been there, done that

The validation phase enables prospective buyers to interview current franchisees. Ask about the day-in-the-life, what works and what doesn't. Each franchisee may fill a different role based on their background and skillset.

From micro-businesses to international territories

Maybe you're a bored retiree looking for a sole-proprietor, home-based opportunity. Or perhaps you are an investor looking to build an empire in an untapped territory. Let's explore the options together!

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does franchiseWise charge?

franchiseWise's consulting services are free to prospective franchisees. We make money when we successfully match a candidate to a franchise.

Why use franchiseWise?

Ready to research franchise opportunities? Let us do the legwork! Share a little about youand we will present you with strong options. We've already done the research, take advantage of it!

Will the franchise charge me more if I go through franchiseWise?

No. The cost of locating and vetting candidates is incorporated into the marketing budget and start-up expenses for each franchise, whether done by a broker or directly by the franchisor. 

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